The Legacy Trail – Video Documentary

Music, video and production by Lyle Trush.

This is a video documentary of the Legacy Trail in Sarasota Florida. My goals is to show all the natural beauty and inspire others to visit this amazing place we have to explore more of Florida.

All the footage was taken on Venice Island and is only a small part of this amazing trail. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave your comments or email me if you have any suggestions or questions.

If you don’t see the video you may go to this direct link:

“The Legacy Trail is the regional backbone of a recreational and nature based trail system connecting communities across Sarasota County and stretching into neighboring Charlotte County. The Legacy Trail offers several areas to stop, rest, learn about its history or just enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the trail.”

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– Lyle


No Impact woMan?

No Impact Man definitely gave spark a interest in me of wanting to reconnect more with nature. Afterall, if my  grandparents and my parents could grow up with without all the lavished technology that we have today and had fun catching fireflies and picking fruits from trees, why can’t I? But the more I think about it, the harder the reality of it happening became. As seen in the movie, it was definitely an easier transition for Colin Beavan than it is for his wife to reduce the amount of trash to zero. Why? Same reason as to why Hitler kept more man than women in concentration camps, and the same reason as why it’s harder for women to enlist into the army, even if they wanted to. It is simply because of womanly needs. There’s nothing to hide, as a fellow female living in the 21th century I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am for the invention of pads and tampons. I can’t even imagine how things happen back in the days where nothing like that were invented yet. So of course, I applaud Colin Beavan’s wife, Michelle Conlin for her endeavors. Giving up not only shopping, makeup, lotion, but also the bare necessities that every women should have the rights of having; tampons and sanitary napkins. Although I commend Colin Beavan’s bravery to abandon his Manhattan lifestyle and spend a year not making any environmental impact, I hope that people would give much more credit to Michlle Conlin for sticking with him. For she was actually the one that had the hardest transition. The kid probably has no idea what is going on and apart from maybe missing candy occasionally she’s having much more fun and gets to spend more time with her parents. Colin Beavan’s a man, he has no monthly concern that he has to deal with and with his mind set on it, he’s fine. But Michelle Conlin, having all the modern inventions that help make painful monthly cycles become more bearable taken away from her… I have nothing much to say except she is one brave woman and much kudos to her.

Tiffany Chou

Environment and humanity

Andreas Rossides

Living a life the way “no impact man” does, having no impact on the environment, can be really stressful and hard but yet quite fun and adventurous. If he can do it, then almost everyone can do it. And I feel that this was the main point of his experiment.

It’s really obvious that the environment is getting worse day by day and that’s mostly because of human impact. Anything unnatural has a negative impact on the environment and on people as well, but we still keep creating and producing “unnatural” things every day.  We are using electricity for no reason, driving more than we need to, producing tons of trash everyday when we can avoid it etc. So why don’t we start living a healthier life, not just for us but for the environment too. Having less impact on the environment can be more fun that we think, but also it will simplify our lives a lot. Because one thing led to another and for example if we want to live a “modern” life by using electricity all day, using our cars all the time, watching our favorite TV show every night and buy new clothes every month, then things will only get worse, as you get used to this life style and you forget about nature. People used to live without all those things for thousands of years and they were just fine.

Though living that kind of lifestyle sounds like a great idea, I don’t believe that it is possible to do it to its fullest. First of all there’s the money “factor”. Having no impact on environment can mean less money and maybe a negative impact to a lot of industries, such as food industries, car industries etc. In other words some people want us to have an impact on the environment so that they can get more and more money to their pockets.

What’s great though, is that “no impact man” managed to create awareness to a lot of people, including me, and make us come back to reality and realize that we have been living and slowly getting used to this “fake” lifestyle for no reason.

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No Impact Man – Could I do it?

Could you live a year without these things?

TV and Other popular Hulu/Online shows:

The Internet!

Dishwashers/ Washing Machines/ fridge:

There are just a few things I’m not sure how well I would do in a lifestyle without. A fridge? Lamps at night? A car to get around? Of course there are alternatives to these objects, but we’ve grown up with them, we’re used to them, and they were created for a good reason. If that’s for entertainment or ease I’m not going to complain.

Granted I did not see the movie, I just say varying youtube articles, the trailer, and other such things to get an overall impression of what the movie is about and how/if I could live like that. My room mate told me he went without toilet paper. Toilet paper! D= I wonder what he used instead. I do agree that people are making way more of an environmental impact now in days than ever before and should make a better effort at reducing their impact.

I remember when I first came to Florida and the only hill around was the garbage mountain on the drive to Miami. What a horrible attempt at an idea. But that said, what ARE we going to do with all of the garbage that we are producing. It’s not something that the majority of us has to deal with every day. We put it out on the sidewalk and it is taken for us, never to be seen again. Where does it go? When I first moved to Tennessee I was appalled at the horrible job of recycling people were doing, and to have more than one garbage bag was totally acceptable. Coming from Vancouver island where garbage rules are a lot stricter this was amazing to me. Back home you were only aloud one garbage bag per week and it had to be in some kind of plastic container so the crows/animals would not get into it. You had a blue bin for plastic and a yellow bin for paper. Glass and all of the other items that were also recyclable could be dropped off at any local school or recycling plant. It’s a simple situation that could go a long way  in terms or really promoting at least recycling.

-Shannon Berke

A man with a vision

No impact Man

Colin Beavan, a man with a vision, a man with a dream, a man on a mission to make no impact on the environment. In 2007, Colin and his wife, Michelle Conlin, and their young daughter, decided to make a life change and do the extreme of leaving no negative mark on the environment. No paper goods, no electricity, no carbon emission transportation, only using local foods within 250 miles. The main goal is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The average American produces 1600 pounds a trash a year, that’s incredibly insane. Majority of the trash is composed of food waste and packaging. Another interesting fact is that diapers make up one third of the trash in dumps.

The film No Impact Man is hard to watch. Colin Beavan has extreme point of views. In my opinion extremities is a hazard to everything; a good rounded mindset is healthy. Throughout the film, produced as eco friendly as possible, I sympathized with the wife, Michelle, who has to endure through these intense changes. She symbolizes the average American, a heavy consumer. She loves to shop, she has to have her Starbucks with extra espresso shots, and knows everything about reality TV. The reason I feel for Michelle because she is an awesome wife and supports her over the top husband. She supports his No Impact project, but he wants nothing to do with having another child. Thankfully he does, I would’ve been rather sour about him. The project benefited both of them, he realizes his methods are extreme and she becomes happier in her new found lifestyle. Even though she does struggle appreciating it, she is a trooper holding it out till the end.

Overall, the film did have a good message that we all should listen too. Making these changes in our lives will not only benefit nature, but help us humans become more connect and happier. We are so consumed in media and marketing, we become disconnected with what is important. Eating locally grown food sounds exciting and using eco friendly modes of transportation sounds invigorating. If anyone where to undergo these challenges, they would face similar experiences to Michelle Conlin. I was very curious to how she felt about the project after the experience, here is a blog post she guest publish on the No Impact Man blog

A very cool short video Colin Beavan recently posted on his blog is a must watch.

Even though these are very radical ideas, which should stop being critically defensive and listen and learn.

The High Price of Materialism

By Victoria Gedvillas

No Impactman

Bryan Locantore

No Impact Man was a pretty interesting movie. I loved the idea of trying to live a life without harming the enviorment. Although at first I believed it would of been impossible or just extremely hard to do so, impact man pulls it off. I thought it was hard for multiple reasons. One being where they lived, New York City. One of the biggest city’s in the world uses the most energy, water, and food. If you live there your bound to be giving off a negative impact to eh environment. And I feel it would be hard to change the life style of a new yorker. Another reason was the way we live today. We use a lot of energy no matter where we go or what we do, in all sorts of different ways. Manly the use for communication or making food, which made me think they wouldn’t be able to pull it off. My final reason was the mother, she would use ice machines and elevators while still saying she trying to not leave an impact. It was very hypocritical of her.

Late in the movie the family started to doubt themselves. Luckily this all changed, the mother came to realize she had to do better and the father realized he could pull off giving no impact to the environment. Which brought them to the farm where they worked on it and ate from it’s crops. Doing all of this without electricty or no other means. Only their hands and Feet. This was the turning point for me in believing we could live on this earth without giving a negative impact. Although it is still hard it was possible none the less. This surprised me but also made me happy. These people got to live a fun year without harming the environment. The movie made me wonder if I would be able to pull it off, and who knows maybe i’ll try it someday.

Chose this picture because No impactman is helping the world by not using a car.

No Impact Man: A Casual Response

When I watched No Impact Man I had mixed responses over the course of the documentary, mainly due to the fickle nature of this project. One day the couple would be proud and happy of their choice in trying to become “green,” the next day they would be second- guessing themselves and wondering if it is really possible for them to fulfill the project’s demands. The wife especially had plenty of moments of breakdown where I felt as a viewer that it made their cause just a reality tv show. There were points where the wife would try and get her way by making the guy unsure about his project or using some random event (like getting pregnant) to slander his ideas. In general I really didn’t enjoy her attitude towards the project, because I felt it was a cool idea and I wanted to see it full throttle. I wanted to see the dedication and the impact it made on that family, but I felt that it didn’t change them all too much.

One thing I kept wondering throughout the film was how they were bathing, and cleaning up after bathroom usage. I feel like because they didn’t show any of the dirty stuff I am doubting whether they really took this seriously. I was genuinely curious whether they used the shower and how often, whether it was hot or cold water, and how they kept up their hygiene on a daily basis.

My favorite concept that I took away from this film is the idea of using a farmer’s market for food and to go and meet the people who are making and taking care of the food you eat. I think that brings up a powerful bond in nature when you are there to see where your food is coming from and all of the labor intensive work it takes to prepare it. If I were to ever try anything that ha “no impact” it would be this. It sounds like a healthy habit and a great way to get outdoors and become one with nature.

-Spencer Curtis

The No Impact Man, Impact Man

The No Impact Man was the most interesting film I’ve watched in such a long time. If I wasn’t so hungry from only eating a single thing that day I would’ve stayed for the last 7 minutes of the film. It grabbed my attention from the start.

The information that was brought to our attention had an impact on us all. We all realized what we were doing and how terrible it was. I come from an area close to NYC and I know the habits people have and how much we use the things we probably shouldn’t use. I also come from a “hippie” loving family and friends. Composting, growing veggies and fruits, farmers markets every Sunday, etc. is something I’m use to. I’m also use to using plastic containers, buying things that aren’t in season, and probably other things that are terrible for me. I have a bike and I never ride it, I ALWAYS use my car. I recycle everything but sometimes that’s not enough considering the fact it doesn’t do much for the earth. I reuse a plastic bottle for a long time but a glass bottle would be better. I never turn off my lights in my house because I don’t pay an electric bill monthly. Like I said, I drive my car constantly. I mean yes, it made me feel like a horrible person but I would suggest it to anybody in the world.

We all try to help out and fix things like this but I mean we never really do enough. I know he took it to the extreme like no electricity but having no tv that’s awesome. More people should be outdoors but they aren’t. This weekend was Easter. Friends and I made a huge Easter meal and sat outside in the backyard and just spent time with one another. Talking, playing soccer, other random games we came up with and it was so enjoyable. Our generation is getting worse and worse every day. We never spend enough time outside and realized what we are doing. Buying coffee’s in plastic or paper. Throwing out all our trash instead of trying to compost it. Recycle everything that we can recycle. Things like this. I think we should at least give it a try.

So go watch The No Impact Man.

you won’t regret it.


Human Impact and Solutions

So in the first place, human impact had always played a crucial to – lets face it, ruin many parts of the environment. One of the major problems that the human impacts have contributed is towards global warming. From then, many people started to attempt to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the heavy pollution by switching energy sources. Within this category, there come many different sources of energy: solar energy, corn energy, water power, and wind power.  All of these come with great pros to avoid polluting greatly, yet would this eliminate all sources of issues?

Wind turbines are basically modern windmills that collect energy simply within the strength of breeze. This doesn’t produce a single whist of carbon dioxide, which makes it so ideal. However, this application would still affect the ecosystem. One of problems it causes it basically targeted towards birds and bats. The problem is that the birds will fly into the spinning wind turbines, thus it basically shreds the bird and damage the bird fatally. In Denmark, wind turbines produce about 9% of the energy, simply that small number kills off about 30,000 birds per year. Now imagine having the energy source from wind turbines increased to about 100%, the numbers would multiply greatly – and this is simply in Denmark.

Solutions to this? I feel like wind farms should simply be placed where birds would not be a threat to it. However, that sincerely doesn’t solve the problem towards completely avoiding bird and bat casualties. Just about none of the methods to target emission of carbon dioxide help avoid harming any environment issues. This would definitely just be an on-going war between man verses Earth where balancing our own selfish needs and what Mother Nature provides us. Though, one has to admit, the human impact of setting up wind turbines is a lot less compared to causing global warming.

By Angela Tsai

The No Impact Man.

This movie was really interesting to watch and not to mention very eye opening to a lot of things we do. It takes a serious amount of commitment to go through with living without making an impact on the environment for an entire year. Along with doing it in new york city. I can barely imagine doing that in my h0me town or even here in sarasota. But besides the awe factor of the movie it had some good under lying ideas and points to it.

A nice example would be buying only from local farms. Imagine what it could do to the economy (more so your local economy) if everyone from around you mainly bought foods from local farms and butchers. Versus going to a supermarket and buying food that has been shipped in from another country. It wouldn’t do anything major but I believe that if close to the majority of the country bought from primarily local farms it would help get more money going and staying your local area. Also another good one is biking everywhere instead of driving. I understand there are times when it’s not practical to do so but in cities it comes in handy. By riding a bike you contribute less to pollution in the area. You can more than likely get to your destination a little bit quicker. Plus thats one less vehicle wasting away our resources that are depleting away.

For me this film was also fairly inspiring on top of being informative. It really opened my eyes to how many things I do that make my carbon footprint quite big. So since watching this I’ve started doing away with some of my bad habits. To start I’ve started putting a lot more effort into recycling correctly. Also I’m taking steps to cut down on the amount of garbage that I produce to, which starting a compost when I get home will help with. I wont do anything as drastic as the no impact man did but I will do what I can to make my carbon footprint lighter. Hopefully I can inspire friends and their families into kicking some bad habits as well.

Colby Lake