The Legacy Trail – Video Documentary

Music, video and production by Lyle Trush.

This is a video documentary of the Legacy Trail in Sarasota Florida. My goals is to show all the natural beauty and inspire others to visit this amazing place we have to explore more of Florida.

All the footage was taken on Venice Island and is only a small part of this amazing trail. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave your comments or email me if you have any suggestions or questions.

If you don’t see the video you may go to this direct link:

“The Legacy Trail is the regional backbone of a recreational and nature based trail system connecting communities across Sarasota County and stretching into neighboring Charlotte County. The Legacy Trail offers several areas to stop, rest, learn about its history or just enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the trail.”

For more information please visit:

– Lyle


One thought on “The Legacy Trail – Video Documentary

  1. Really well done video. I remember riding my bike on the legacy trail from mid sarasota all the way to venice. The ride seemed a lot shorter even though the time it took was a few hours there. I was so exhausted I had to actually call for someone to pick me up. I also forgot sunblock too :/

    Mitchell Englander

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