The Wild Corridor (FWC Response)

In this day and age, most people live with the idea that there is no adventure any more. Really – most everything’s been discovered already by some dead explorer or another. But I think what many people forget is that there is still a great big world out there that they themselves haven’t or will ever get to see. The Florida Wildlife Corridor project surprised me in that I had no idea Florida had such varied wildlife and such an interesting terrain. Swamps and mangrove trees are completely foreign to me, and panthers just strolling about in the wilderness is mind-blowing to this suburbanite whose habitat was Costco warehouses and sleepy housing developments. It’s weird to think that a few tens of miles away there are panthers and black bears minding their own business trying to find a place for themselves. In the video, they mentioned in the swamp that they were seeing sights that no one else normally would beyond the airboat tours, and how people would say, “This is better than Disneyworld!” Florida surprises me with the varied flora and fauna that live there as I grew up with a completely different setting up in the North, where nature is pretty tame and the only thing that was dangerous to the wildlife are cars.

In just one state, they go from beaches to Indian reservations and document places that I’ve only really seen in movies. I believe that for any artist it’s important to absorb as much new experiences as you can and from the FWC expedition, undertaking that journey would have been a goldmine for experience. The photographer Carlton Ward Jr. was great at his job, snapping some wonderful stills of nature and the life of the wilderness. Unfortunately, I’m not too much of an outdoorsman and I absolutely hate bugs, but I am interested in seeing how their documentary turns out when it releases.

Some of my favorite photos from the expedition.:


Seminole Tribe Cattle Ranching

Disney Wilderness Preserve

-Jane Kim


7 thoughts on “The Wild Corridor (FWC Response)

  1. It is pretty crazy to think about all the things to do in nature, in Florida. I’ve lived here my whole like and have only been to the Everglades once? I don’t even remember it.

    • You are not alone. I bet most people living in Florida haven’t been to some of the natural wonders–the Everglades, the Florida Keys, the amazing freshwater springs. Now that you know about it—go explore!

  2. Florida is a pretty diverse place. I actually have been into the everglades when I was younger and spent a 2 day weekend camping out and wading through the swamps just looking at the interesting wildlife and things we dont often associate with florida and swamps.

  3. Wow these pictures are beautiful! It really is exciting that the idea of adventure hasn’t died out, and to go on a journey you don’t have to go to Africa or something, you can get all of that adventure in your back yard! I remember visiting the everglades once. It was kind of a touristy place where these was a paced bike trail through it and you could see out over it, but it was still exciting. During one point there were alligators just chilling on the side of the path, and one bike crash could land you right in their chompers. Adventure!

    -Shannon Berke

  4. I love the pictures from the expedition! I really had no idea of all the different species that live in Florida. I don’t really get past the campus that much, so maybe that’s why- but I probably wouldn’t want to see one of those awesome panthers sneaking around campus either.

    -Megan Boyd

  5. The images and videos taken during the expedition have really inspired me to visit the everglades someday. I really hope this project will rase the awareness and help raise the funding they need to restore habitat and water flow to the everglades.

    – Lyle

  6. Those photos are amazing! For me it is surprising to actually hear of wild horses because of how tamed and watched over they are in people’s arms. As for the lighting of the trees, absolutely stunning and inspiring.

    Mitchell Englander

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