Good Eats Sarasota by Sara Brady

Good food is all around us here in Sarasota but for most of the smaller cities it’s not as accessible. I am originally from New York City where there is a plentiful amount of good markets and some world class restaurants. New York Chinatown being one of my favorite places to go for a meal. They bring out a whole lobster that you pick out yourself and you choose the sauce I always get the XO sauce, it has good flavor and it is a bit spicy. Another one of my favorites in Chinatown is the dungenous crab and I love the snow pea leaves in garlic sauce.
Here in Sarasota there are a few excellent restaurants and many good ones. The best is a Northern Italian restaurant called Puccini’s. An old classmate of mine from Ringling owns it with her boyfriend. She’s the manager and he is the one and only chef. It’s nice to be able to sit at your table and watch him cook in his open kitchen. The menu changes often and there are always specials. If you are looking for red sauce this is not the place. They serve a lot of fresh fish and it’s mostly local and they have a homemade sausage that’s out of this world. Sometimes you can even find quail on the menu, truly a delicious little bird. There deserts are fabulous and I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but the homemade pecan pie and the bananas in homemade caramel sauce are to die for. Oh and it’s not too hard on the wallet. Ceviche is another wonderful restaurant everything from the tapas to the paella is exceptional. The flan for desert is a must.
Food is so important to me and personal. I like to feed the ones I care for it gives me a sense of accomplishment and I like to watch others enjoy it. I have been asked why I didn’t go to culinary school and it’s because I don’t want to cook for strangers I want to cook for the people I care about but I can still recommend a place to find a great meal.


One thought on “Good Eats Sarasota by Sara Brady

  1. Some of the food around here is pretty good, but I still don’t think it competes with the food from Boston or New York. China town upstate has the best quality of food. There hasn’t been one place around Sarasota I’d recommend highly except for the Golden Dynasty by the school, which is ok. If I could cook rice without burning it I would try and attempt to make my own. More then Likely I wouldn’t do so well with a Wok.

    Mitchell Englander

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