Chris Jordan Photos

I absolutely love what he is doing in his photography work. He’s not just making amazing abstract images but has meaning behind them and makes you really think about what you’re seeing. While watching this movie I was completely shocked with all the numbers he was throwing out there. Like the fact that as Americans we go through forty million cups a day for our coffee and hot beverages, that to me is crazy. And another one was that our airlines go through one million cups a day during their flights and do nothing to try and actually recycle them. I don’t know if people really realize how much all this really impacts out environment. I think that’s why I really like his photography; it captures my attention and teaches me at the same time. I also learned a lot more from this video then I ever knew about our country. The fact that America has the largest percentage of arrests in the world and ¼ of Americans are in jail right now in our country. Also I knew that smoking was a huge cause of deaths in our country but I wasn’t aware that 1100 people die a day from it that to me just seems so unreal. If you think about it that number is ridiculous, that’s more people then I see in a day. The part that really had a huge impact on my was the prescription drug over dose ratio, I’ve lost quite a few friends because of that and I never realized that there was that many other over doses a year. 213000 people a year hospitalized because of it. All in all I think the fact that he added the statistics in with his work really helped translate his work into a visual language that you can actually feel impacted by rather then just look at it and view it as another photo.

Chelsea Dorato


2 thoughts on “Chris Jordan Photos

  1. I like Jordan’s photographs, because they allow us to visualise these immense figures. Throwing out numbers is one thing, but just how much is 2.3 million?
    That aside, I can’t believe how large some of these numbers are. One million plastic cups used on airline flights every 6 hours?! It’s ridiculous!

  2. Wow ¼ of Americans are in jail right now in our country? Could you post the reference for that as I just cant seem to find it. I just did a simple google search and I could be just missing something but would love to read more about this.

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