Thinking about No Impact Man

It seems like quite an effort to go no impact would be quite the challenge. No impact is still an exaggeration though, but still an impressive attempt. I think for anyone in suburbia to make an attempt like this would have ended much sooner. He was quite successful at succeeding and keep the rest of his family on track, which is where I thought the projects failure would have most likely come from.

So despite the slight exaggeration about him being truly “no impact” I really enjoyed this movie. They documented a lot of difficulties that most of might not even consider would occur from trying to live a much greener life. The lack of toilet paper seems like it would be really hard for most people, but anyone who has lived in the woods for a long time knows there are always ways around that. The hardest thing I can imagine about living in a city without electricity would be to have no power. Air conditioning and heating have come to feel as though they are essential in day to day life.

I really enjoyed seeing how patient and sympathetic one person can be when trying to get someone to embrace a new lifestyle. I think if we were to get more people to embrace a greener life we all have to behave more like he did. Telling someone they’re doing something the wrong way alienates them and pushes many further from accepting your point of view.

All in all, I feel the film is a success in showing people that you can live a happy life without all of these modern conveniences, but at the same time shows that you might have to give up some of your life. We only saw the perspective of a city dweller, so many people will have very different experiences form this.

-Andrew Jay Wahlin


6 thoughts on “Thinking about No Impact Man

  1. I too thought that No Impact Man’s family was gonna be the one obstacle that could hinder his success. There were plenty of times that I thought the wife was going to cave into the convenience.

    -Kathryn Fell

  2. During the film I really thought the wife was going to cave in as well. When he took away her make up and some other things I noticed she was about to lose it. Through out the film she always seemed to double guess her husbands choices, but in the end I was really surprised to see that the family seemed to be even closer.

    – Jon Goehring

  3. While I wont say that No Impact Mans wife did not cave in fully. There were plenty of leaks coming from her through out the film.

  4. Ya it’s kind of funny how growing up we’ve gotten so used to things like toilet paper and air conditioning, that now to go without theme would seem so difficult. It’s kind of funny that you pointed out how patient the father was being because honestly, I don’t think half of us would be quite so accepting as the wife was. I would miss computers, internet, washing machines…the lot. I don’t think I could do it. =/

    – Shannon Berke

    • It’s possible that what No Impact Man has shown us could be the future. Considering we the rate we are depleting our resources, economy, wars and pollution we could all be forced into this style of living in our life time.

      – Lyle

  5. I couldn’t live a whole year without toilet paper. I mean as simple as using something else like leaves or a piece of cloth, I would have a hard time trying to deal with it. I can only tolerate so much filth before it has to be reasonably dealt with.

    Mitchell Englander

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