Realizing the Impact of No Impact Man

By Kevin Herron

Last week in class we watched the documentary of No Impact Man, a very aspiring and informative movie on the daily impact we humans make on our environment in a day, and his discovery on how we can impact it less.

One amazing thing this movie accomplishes very efficiently is raising the awareness of our daily toll on the earth’s environment. I did not consider purchasing food from another state or country, creates so much carbon monoxide in the transportation, even if it is a “go-Green” product it would be damaging the earth before it helped.  Another pollutant that was brought back to my attention was how much waste a single person makes in a day. With all the individually packaged food, and three layers of trash you get in a single Starbucks coffee cup, even if it was all thrown away properly, it still is an overwhelming amount for the Earth. More, most recyclable material is not 100% recyclable but “recycle-down” since it cannot make as good of a product as last time, except for glass.

Something I think the documentary could of expanded on, was sanitation in their home environment. Although the lambskin-baby diaper was a successful experiment, they never showed how they cleaned it, or how they cleaned the counters and their pans, or their toilet paper substitute. While being extreme measures most Americans wouldn’t accept right away, if presented in a very reasonable manner then I think some would begin to accept the change, however some of this was never shown.

Finally, I believe the movie could of done a better job on showing us more efficient ways to save electricity. It was obvious that living a life with 0% electricity is practically impossible, and even if homeowners didn’t use their electricity, the city would.  Their refrigerator hypothesis of the “pot in a pot” was a failure, but where were the other attempts? The candle replacement seemed to be a fire hazard and a failure too at illuminating the house at night. So, I believe No Impact Man and family, should spent an additional three months investigating how to use the most minimal amount of electricity possible, while still living a comfortable life style.


5 thoughts on “Realizing the Impact of No Impact Man

  1. You are right! they never mentioned how they dealt with the substitutes for diapers and toilet paper. I agree that if they elaborated on how useful and “green” the substitutes are, then the public would more likely be willing to change.

  2. It’s interesting that they left information on sanitation out of the film… you would think that it was something that would’ve been necessary to include since cleanliness is so important to society.

  3. I feel that they companies should try and promote reusable packaging. Instead of always relying on plastic to constantly sell there produces.

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