No Impact Man- Farmers Markets

No Impact Man was a really awesome documentary, and I applaud that family for being able to give up so much! While watching the documentary I could actually relate to some of the scenarios. My family didn’t make them by choice though, but for about 2 years we had no washer or dryer, we had no cable, and because our little cottage was so small and the electricity so bad, if you had two things plugged in and running at once, it’d blow the fuse for the whole (10 x 10 ft cottage) out. Like I said, not under the same circumstances as no Impact Man, but I guess those two years we were being Eco-friendly without even realizing it.

But aside from that, my favorite part of this documentary were the highlight of Farmers Markets!

I absolutely love going to Farmers Markets, and wish I could get over to the one here in Sarasota more often. They are tons of fun. My family and I always went to the one back at home to get vegetables, breads, cheese, really anything that caught our eye! The people are so friendly, and its a good feeling to be able to know and so who’s grown your food. I also noticed people love to walk their dogs to Farmer’s Markets; meeting adorable puppies while buying healthy food is pretty awesome. There’s just such a great sense of community at a Farmers Market.

As of 2011, there were 7175 Farmer’s Markets across the US, and I’m sure the number has grown since. You’ll also have an easier time scouting out organic food at a Farmers Market, then at most grocery stores. You are also supporting your local farmers- which is pretty awesome. Not only that, but Farmers Markets tend to really pump up the economy of your area. They create more jobs on the farms, and provide tons of business to the local downtown areas or wherever the Farmers Markets are being held. And if can’t get any better, well it does. Your shopping trip to the Farmers Market will cost you less money then it does from grocery store. Most people have the incorrect perception that Farmers Markets will cost more money. You have to remember that all the food you get in the store has been packed, shipped across however many states, and is being sold by a vendor (the store). The price on food rises, from all that extra “stuff.” The majority of food at the Farmers Market will cost less. What you get at the Farmer’s Market is fresh food, right next door.

Go check out your local Farmers Market! Don’t know how to find one? Here’s a place to get you started:

-Megan Boyd


7 thoughts on “No Impact Man- Farmers Markets

  1. Farmers Markets are great! I really wish they were easier to come around to– we don’t really have any back home…

  2. First of all I can’t believe that you lived on such little means for two years, I really appreciate and respect that. It must have been really hard adjusting. I know that I personally would struggle with out my washer and dryer; especially because I not only have my own clothes to wash but my boyfriend’s and our twins. It takes me forever to do laundry as is, I couldn’t imagine not having my appliances. Also as surprising as this may be… I LOVE PUPPIES TOO! haha.. no seriously, I haven’t been to the farmer’s market in Sarasota yet and have been wanting to go for a while now but I have been to other markets in other states or just roadside stands with fresh fruits and vegetables. But I am curious if the sarasota farmer’s market has anything other then food, like any jewelry or household items? And if you like the farmer’s market then I highly suggest Dutch Heritage House and especially Yoder’s because Yoder’s doesn’t only sell fresh, homemade food but has it’s own fresh organic market and pre-made food like pies for sale… and is completely delicious! And I never knew that the farmer’s market’s food was cheaper then the grocery stores (I have a tendency not to pay close attention to prices) but after you explained why it was cheaper, it totally makes sense! Goes to show you really do learn something new everyday. =)

  3. Going to the Farmer’s Market is probably one of my favorite parts of a weekend. Good food, good groceries, and good exercise all in one trip. Everything at the Farmer’s Market is so quality, it’s easy to overspend on all the wonderful goods sold there.

    -Kathryn Fell

  4. Oh yeah, the Farmer’s market is great! I actually met a very nice Japanese lady there who was selling flowers. Oddly enough, once I told her that I was from Ukraine, we seemed to connect on the subject of nuclear explosions. Needless to say, it was a very strange conversation. This really did happen.


  5. I ADORE the farmers market here in Sarasota, or the one that happens downtown on Saturdays. Tons of bread, jellies, and baked goods! And it’s all fresh!! I definitely was under the impression that farmers markets would cost you more because it is fresh and the value of no preservatives and truly organic food makes everything in the grocery store cost more, why wouldn’t it make things in the farmers market cost more too. And another thing that I LOVE about farmers markets are the animals! I’m really glad that people bring all their dogs to downtown, it makes me so happy as a lonely college student to be able to visit so many puppies =) and get great food!

    -Shannon Berke

  6. Yeah, that part of the documentary was one of my favorite parts too! I will definitely be making more trips to the farmer’s market this summer, it’s such a fun experience to be in an open-air market as compared to shopping in a super market, and it’s great for people-watching! Thanks for clearing up the misconception that things are more expensive at the farmer’s markets.

  7. I love farmers markets and drive by them all the time but the major issue is I never have cash on hand and most only take cash. Also being in collage it’s hard for us to make the time to head over there.

    – Lyle

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