Disposable Culture

The documentary film No Impact Man is about Colin Beavan and his family’s yearlong experiment to reduce the amount of trash and fossil fuels they use. The objective of the movie is to prove that each and every one of us has an impact on the planets environment. They do this by no longer using plastic, switch to organic, use bicycles for transportation and turn off the power to there apartment. Colin Beavan states a few interesting points during the movie like “On average our food travels 15,000 miles before it gets to our home and meat eating is the number one cause of green house do to transportation admissions.”


One of Colin Beavan main concerns and reason for the experiment is to prove to him self and the world we accelerating the global warming process my over using our recourses and damaging the planet. His message and concerns are extremely important but yet most of us ignore it “A new study by NASA scientists finds that the world’s temperature is reaching a level that has not been seen in thousands of years.” http://www.giss.nasa.gov/research/news/20060925/

No Impact Man has gained a lot of media attention and made Colin Beavan a man that has made I’m impact on many people. “Beavan was named one of MSN’s Ten Most Influential Men of 2007 and was named an Eco-Illuminator in Elle Magazine’s 2008 Green Awards. His blog NoImpactMan.com was named one of the world’s top 15 environmental websites by Time Magazine. He was named a 2008 Eco-Star by New York City’s Lower East Side Ecology Center.” http://noimpactman.typepad.com/blog/about-colin-beavan.html

Another way Colin Beavan tried to reduce waist and the use of fossil fuels is by purchasing his food form local farmers markets. But he also said we should keep in mind buying organic food at the local store is not always a good thing. Real organic farms have pore treatment of animals for example if a cow gets sick they cant use medicines like antibiotics so the animals die. Organic foods are also not as safe as we may think. “Organic farmers use sulphur as a weak pesticide. But sulphur contains lead, a known danger. What is not known is how much of the lead is transferred to the food we eat.”


By Lyle Trush


7 thoughts on “Disposable Culture

  1. I believe their way of approaching was smart because it quickly alerted the media. I was skeptical of the project since changing the life style dramatically like that would be too difficult to survive. However, I was happy to see that in the end, he realized it was about not using anything; it was about reusing what’s available.

  2. It is really surprising how much of our lifestyles depend on things that are quick, easy and disposable. I think it’s mostly because of our lack of time that we need something quick.

  3. I didn’t realize they were not able to treat sick animals. But to be honest those animals are sick from natural causes and would have died in nature. Wild animals don’t take antibiotics when they get sick. I honestly don’t think sulfur is anywhere near as bad as pesticides and genetically modified food.

  4. I’m really happy that No Impact man fought through the criticism of the media at the beginning of the documentary. I imagine its hard enough to be living this way of life without the added hassle of everyone thinking you’re a nutcase. It’s great that they were able to overcome that.

    -Kathryn Fell

  5. I feel that No Impact man was trying to prove more so to himself then the media that followed him. Proving to himself that if he can actually go about making no impact the earth then that would satisfy him as a being. If others in the media and people at home what to be inspired or disgusted then that was fine by him.

    -Kenae Lowry

  6. I wish I was there to see this video. I looked up No Impact Man and it looks like he’s doing some pretty impressive stuff. As if it’s not hard enough living on entirely natural resources, he also had to deal with intense media attention.

  7. I think Colin is really a man a head of his time and he maybe showing us the only way we can survive in the future. I think all our modern convinces will fail because we have abused mother earth with our advancements.


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