The Man Behind The Impact

What really surprised me about the film No Impact Man was the public’s negative response to the project, especially from the environmentalists. I was shocked when some environmentalists claimed that crazy people like him was giving them a bad name. I never would have expected that and in my opinion I thought the project overall was a huge success. I thought that it sent a very positive message and really put into perspective how much we don’t need as a society. Something that I didn’t like about the movie was actually Colin Beavan; I thought he was very hypocritical and non-understanding about his wife’s dream to have another child. To me it seemed that Colin made exceptions to travel by train for things he wanted to do but his wife couldn’t even have a coffee. One of the issues that I felt was unresolved was the reusable diapers. I’ve changed many diapers and I know from experience that it is disgusting even when you get to throw out the diaper I couldn’t imagine keeping it and cleaning it. It not only must be horrifying to do but completely unsanitary and none of this was brought up during the movie. They just made it seem like it resolved instantly and everyone else should be doing this. They also never brought up what they use for baby wipes, which I also know for a fact that when you have children, you can NEVER have enough baby wipes. And as must people know cleanliness is imperative for young children, so that really bothered me that they could be putting their child at risk because they were not only reusing diapers but using all natural products that most likely don’t clean and kill as many germs as hard chemicals like bleach.  I like that the family bought all in season food and locally grown and organic. I personally try to buy organic food but what I learned from the movie was the negative impact of being completely organic. Like when a farm is completely organic they cannot treat dying, sick or injured cows; which I find to be very cruel and inhumane. So it actually made me think about my own food choices. What I thought was most successful was that the project brought family together. Even though a lot of people don’t like the mother in the movie, I thought she was great not only did she give an outlet of comic relief but her sarcasm and criticism was “real” which grounded the movie. If it was just the father I would be completely disconnected from the movie. Also the mother’s revelation and enjoyment at the end of the project showed progression and a positive outcome to the project. I liked what the mom said about the husband calling the project a family project but then why is it called no impact man? What was really disappointing for me was the wife not getting pregnant, it would have as she said brought the project full circle and given the viewers closure.

-Stephanie Hansum


6 thoughts on “The Man Behind The Impact

  1. I agree with you with the whole diaper thing. When I saw that it bothered me too. What also bothered me was when they were cleaning their clothes in the bathtub and stepping on it with their feet.

    • Yea, feet are dirty, so inherently dirty feet don’t make for clean clothes. Another unsanitary method that I think is inappropriate for children. They should have definitely used a wash board instead. It felt like they didn’t put enough thought into how these changes could effect their child, which severely bothers me because she should be their first priority.

  2. It’s interesting seeing these reactions to reusable diapers! I know it’s not really unheard of to use cloth diapers… in fact, according to my mom, I wore cloth diapers when I was first born. I’m not sure that I could handle washing all those diapers… but I suppose some people can!
    What I really want to know is what they used for baby wipes, like you said, and for toilet paper…

  3. Why do people have the idea that using less means BEING less? Why isn’t simplicity and minimalism a common goal in this day in age, with the surplus of stuff that crowds our minds and lives. It’s a conundrum.

    -Kathryn Fell

  4. If people take more time for cleaning then it won’t matter if your baby is using a cloth diaper or not. We live in a world in which with are fully aware of the importance of hygiene. Taking the time to put forth more effort is all that it takes.

  5. It was also surprising for me to hear that he was getting negative media attention for doing something so positive. Are they scared that he’s actually going to make an impact and change their lifestyles?

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