No Impact Man Thoughts

I feel like No Impact Man has a really strong message and I agree with most of it. I’m sure that it was not easy at all living in conditions where everything had to be reusable and not leave any sort of footprint on his environment. I do not think that we are at a point where people as a whole would start actively seeking a way to get rid of their impact, but it is definitely only a matter of time before it becomes absolutely necessary to do something about our impact on the planet. It seems that people in general do not seriously address such things until they become a problem that is impossible to ignore. I really is unfortunate how much deeply we’ve entrenched ourselves in this disposable goods mindset. Perhaps one day, renewable energy will be more of a priority than finding more oil reserves.

It reminds me a little of the man from Supersize Me. He also tried to make a point by living in a certain lifestyle and essentially damaging his own body to show the bad effects of the food he was eating. Only No Impact man seems to be doing the opposite with his story by showing that it is, in fact, possible to live without affecting the planet in a drastic way.

Honestly though, I am not sure if I would be capable of living in such a way—certainly not, considering the very narrow set of skills I have collected over the years. If there was some sort of apocalyptic event that brought society back to its hunter gatherer state, I suspect that artist who have little muscle mass and no practical purpose in a tribe would probably be among the first to die. The reason I say this is because I think that it would take nothing short of such an event to motivate an enormous population to collectively change its lifestyle. Only North Korea or a small country where one leader’s word is law could execute such a feat.

Max Golosiy


2 thoughts on “No Impact Man Thoughts

  1. The comparison to Supersize Me is interesting, primarily because they were aiming for opposite things. While No Impact Man was aiming to show that living without impact is both possible and beneficial, the man from Supersize Me was aiming to prove that fast food was TERRIBLE and you shouldn’t live on that type of food alone. Their strategies are so similar too, limiting their body and lifestyles in the name of research and data.

    -Kathryn Fell

    • I never though of the connection with Supersize Me and Impact Man until now. They really do have some points in common and an important warning about how we are treating our body and planet.

      – Lyle

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