Impacting Positively

The film, No Impact Man, had me thinking throughout the whole movie, “Would I be able to do that?” Almost every time, the answer was no. I came into watching the film with the preconceived notion that there wasn’t any way to survive the way Colin and his family did through their one year experiment. However, the more of it I watched, the more my thoughts changed to things such as, “Man, I want to ride my bike,” or “I want to go to the Farmer’s Market.” These are some things that are done by us, students of Ringling, for fun and leisure. Would it be much of a change to just incorporate it more into our every day lives?

However, there are some aspects of the film that I could not even fathom life without. For example: electricity. I have grown up in a world so dependent on electricity that I will literally refuse to eat if the area is not properly lit. Romantic, dimly lit restaurants? Screw that, I want to see every detail of what I’m eating because I’m the pickiest eater on the planet and I have to constantly make sure I’m not eating anything I don’t like the appearance of.

A good point was raised in the movie when the newspapers ran the article about the family’s experiment and titled it, “The Year Without Toilet Paper.” It reflected upon how society was thinking negatively about Colin’s actions to preserve the environment in an extreme way. But I think society is mainly just scared of having to give everything up like he and his family does. And that isn’t even necessarily the truth. We can choose what we want to change about ourselves and our lifestyles and still be conscientious about how that affects the world around us. If everyone makes even just a small change, the positive impact will be massive.

Written by Alyxandra Llano

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4 thoughts on “Impacting Positively

  1. I agree, everyone in this generation just writes off his ideas because they don’t know any other way of living, beside the one with all the electricity and consumerism. I think if some people just gave it a try they’d be surprised at how it’s not all that hard to give a few things up.

  2. I too could not imagine a life without electricity. It’s an interesting idea, to live with the light of the sun, but it could become very hazardous very fast. Something like that only work when the world around you is on the same schedule, like on a farm. In a city, it would be very difficult to keep up with that sort of limit put on yourself.

    -Kathryn Fell

  3. I can definitely say that what I got from this film is that, is its not going all out and taking away everything, but finding small things that we can do as people without completely living in the dark ages. Take shopping for example. Instead of shopping heavily with plastic bag, try using reusable bags.

  4. There were many good things in this video, but I think our generation depends to much on electricity and things to give it up.
    I also really like that bottom picture a lot!

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