Impact Man.

No Impact Man was inspiring. I have always been interested in the environment but I have always questioned what good it would actually do if only one person tried to leave little impact. This movie was the realization that it’s not necessarily about the little impact on the environment it’s more about the impact it has on other people who see you doing it. Maybe you will meet someone someday that truly understands your motivation and maybe you can change their life. The video was a starting point. Little things like, no trash, farmer’s market, etc. can all make a difference to this world. I would like to try to cut back on consuming it seems much more logical to keep things simple. Life is hectic even without materialistic worries. I have never been one to approve of extravagant spending but every now again it makes sense that you don’t need that one extra shirt or a pair of shoes. You need the necessities to live and a supportive group of friends and family. My ideal world would be little consumerism but that chances of that happening are impossible in my eyes. This country is so far developed and people are beyond spoiled. If they could see places that don’t have the things America has maybe they would think twice. Maybe they wouldn’t. It’s unfortunate that we are so blinded by product that we forget what is most important in life. The fact that this family had to turn off their electricity for six months just to remember what was important is kind of sad. I can only imagine what would happen if this country lost electricity. In some ways I wish they did but the repercussions would be unbearable. The ignorant would crawl out of the woodwork and wreck havoc on those trying to better the environment for the future generations to come.

-Kassie O’Brien


5 thoughts on “Impact Man.

  1. I use to think the same way. What good is it if only one person does good? However, now I’m different because the movie has shown me that if I can get the awareness out to the people, they will more or less would want to change.

  2. I agree that simplicity is the way to go. I mean, cutting back on everything, though ideal, is a bit too abrupt and extreme for the everyday person. It would probably be more to the benefit of the person trying to cut back if it started in increments. Creating less trash. Driving less. Eating out less. All of these things are simple to achieve, are all helpful, and create very little impact.

    -Kathryn Fell

  3. With billions of people in the world one person really doesn’t make a difference, but each person that decides to change for the better contributes towards the rest of the people who are doing the same thing. And being eco-friendly is gaining popularity so there may be hope for future generations.

  4. Realistically, I think the possibilities of people becoming aware and cutting back to the extremes that No Impact Man did is impossible. Nowadays, people are to reliant and greedy to change their lifestyles they grew up learning. I think people will want to change their lifestyle once some sort of disaster occurs but by that time its too late to change.

    -Jon Goehring

  5. I feel that getting out awareness can only come through example. Sure people can talk about it. But until people lead by example then most will continue to ignore until its too late.

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