My Knowledge of Bees

Written by: Honey Kimery

Because of my name, many people think that I must love bees and their product of honey. Neither are true. I’ve always found bees and wasps to be scary. They’re just fuzzy insects that’ll sting you and while fuzzy creatures usually make them cute, I do not personally find bees to be remotely cute.

I definitely remember my mother had told me about the disappearing of bees. I know the documentary was made in 2009, but it was long before then I remember hearing about the bees. it could have possibly been around the time when the CCD was first discovered, but I do not recall the year this starting happened (or at least when it was getting a lot of news attention).

I thought I knew a fair amount about bees, mostly from watching one episode of Magic School Bus where I remember they all turned into bees and learned about them. After watching this documentary, I found out I really do not know much about bees. I have known for years now that bees are what pollinate flowers, but it did not occur to me that bees were responsible for pollinating fruits. That makes the bee crisis so much more important because bees are responsible for part of the foods we eat.

I also did not know that the hives were filled with mostly females, with only male bees to mate with the queen. That’s a pretty fascinating colony to me because as a whole, the male of the species is bigger/stronger (the only exceptions to the female over male dominance is the black widow spider and praying mantis, which both eat the male after mating). I did not know there would be such a one dominant gender colony.


9 thoughts on “My Knowledge of Bees

  1. I know, I think it’s awesome that a hive can be dominated by females, it’s pretty rare in this world for that to be true.
    -Dalva Dayton

  2. It wasn’t even the Magic Schoolbus for me, but all I remember from elementary schools about bees is they pollinate flowers. When watching the documentary about them going missing I was shocked to find out that they are used to pollinate a huge variety of plants.

  3. That’s pretty interesting that they pollinate our fruit. Never knew that. I remember my friend used to have a bee farm and it was amazing how he would have the honey ready and he would sell the jar for 2 dollars. And I would walk down the street and pay the two dollars and take the honey and I was always amazed how bees can create such an amazing sweet for the summer.

  4. I remember watching that episode of the magic school bus in class! I too didn’t realize the important role bee’s play in keeping our fruit crops alive.

  5. I find it so interesting that bee hives are a matriarch society. Like ants, they function around a queen and the queens-to-be, serving the hive/colony as a whole instead of primarily for the one ruler.

    -Kathryn Fell

  6. -William Avery

    You have no idea how much nostalgia you have just unleashed upon me by putting up that picture from Magic School Bus — I totally remember that episode! Unlike you, it would seem, it made me quite the fan of bees, I found them absolutely fascinating as a child. Unfortunately, this led to a multitude of stings throughout my early years. It’s odd, though, I could’ve sworn that whole time that I was being attacked by big, strong, male bees; I had no idea that all the guys did was lay around the house and mate!

    -William Avery

  7. Haha, I never actually put much thought into your name relating to bees and actually liking Honey but now that you mention it yes, I can see a lot of people making that assumption. Honey jokes aside, I remember watching that episode of the magic school bus as well!! It kind of freaked me out a little that they just kind of stuck human heads on bee bodies, it reminded me of the movie “The Fly” where the man turns into a human sized fly….really terrifying for a little kid D=

    – Shannon Berke

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