Food and Eating Habits

What do you typically eat?

Anything Easy to Heat up in the Microwave which normally includes TV dinners, frozen foods, dinner that I take and save from either the Brickman cafe or the Commons. For me, since I’m rarely anywhere but the labs or in bed, making food as simple as possible is a must. If I have to spend time cooking or chopping things up, I get aggravated because I have so much work to do.

However, over Winter/Spring/Summer Break it is a completely different story. I love cooking fresh, healthy meals when I have time and learning new recipes. So really, what I eat is completely dependent on how much work I have to do – which I think goes for the majority of people.

How diverse is your fridge?

Again, like I said at the end of my last answer – it really depends on what I’m doing academically or at work. Right now? My fridge is almost completely empty. I almost never buy food unless I hitch a ride with someone considering the fact that I don’t have a car – so I mainly get my food from the school cafeteria which the majority of it isn’t the best or appetizing in the very least.

But the food I do have is frozen vegetables, PB & J (no bread), Soup, and some fruit from the Commons. Not very diverse OR a lot in there at all – especially if I’m up working all night, I really don’t feel like eating just heated up corn at 4 in the morning.

Do I eat in season?

Not particularly. I do try at least. If things are in season I always am sure to buy them – however, I will still buy things that aren’t in season if I really want them.

Do I buy local?

I buy everything at the grocery store!

-Hillary Galvin


11 thoughts on “Food and Eating Habits

  1. I can be the same way! If I am really stressed out I cannot find the time to cook a good meal. I’m glad it’s summer so now I can relax and eat healthier.
    -Dalva Dayton

  2. I’m not a big fan of cooking, even when I have the time, but I feel the same way you do. Over breaks, I will go out of my way to make myself a meal more often than during school. During school, if I can’t make it and eat it in minutes, it’s too slow.

  3. When I’m here working on my projects I try to eat healthy as possible. It’s a good thing you don’t have a car, because you don’t have to drive to fast food places like I do with a couple of friends during late nights.

  4. I know what you mean! The food here at ringling isn’t the most appetizing food. I eat because I have no choice. And the work load just prevents most students from cooking.

  5. It’s really hard to keep a balanced and diverse local diet while living in a dorm on campus. Even if the Commons buys locally, or if you even have your own kitchen, it’s still pretty time-consuming to have a good handle on your diet… which is kind of inconvenient.

  6. The fact that microwavable foods is so successful really says something about the mindset of people these days. The idea that you can get something with as little effort as possible is dangerous and destructive to how we operate and how we psychologically expect things without even doing anything to prepare for it.

    -Kathryn Fell

  7. I can totally understand. I’m just hoping that one day, I have a stable job and I’m not always staying up till 2 doing homework. Then maybe I’ll have the time to actually prepare healthy food instead of eating ramen and microwavable meals every day.

  8. -William Avery

    Cheers to you for cooking your own meals outside of school-time, I’ve been working on trying to do that more often, but I keep running into the problem that I know next to zero recipes. 😦 By the way, have you considered oatmeal for a late-night/early-morning snack? It works wonders for me when I’m pulling those really late nights; keeps me energized and tastes great when you mix in a little cinnamon sugar. It’s also cheap as hell from the CVS down the street.

    -William Avery

  9. There seems to be never enough time to cook for myself. I hate having to go out every evening so I try not to complain about the commons food, since its literally all I have.

  10. As an off campus student cooking is a big problem. I never have the time to go home because its 15 minutes each way. Now add in the fact that Cooking and eating could take me anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours really puts a big hampering on my will to cook. I also work 20-30 hours a week at a shitty job which also deters me from cooking when I have no time. So what ends up happening is that I eat out alot. Especially during crunch time(which so far this semester has been every other week), fast food or even precooked meals from publix are a way better alternative time wise than cooking even if it is a detriment to my health.

  11. I like to set up a little charcoal gill outside even if my apartment does not allow it and grill out. I love grilled zucchini and sorry vegans but I love my rib eye. Really I only have something big like a steak once a month. I actually eat more vegetarian meals though the week then anything. Well thats if I don’t consider ice cream actually.

    – Lyle

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