Every since I first heard about the fact that the bee population is in danger I’ve been fairly concerned about it. One of the main reasons that we have food to eat is because of  the bees. They highly help in the pollination of our plants which is what allows them to bloom and grow fruits. At first thought most of us think about not having honey anymore. Then comes the realization that there wont be any more fruits or vegetables. But something I don’t really here about is the fact that our livestock won’t have anything to eat for the most part. Which then can be stretched out further that other animals around the world wont be able to eat.

The bees becoming extinct would cause a large scale domino effect of bad events. Some of it might not be immediate but as time goes on they will become more prominent and noticeable. Even though they can be pest and cause painful and sometimes deadly stings they are very important to our day to day life. I think if things don’t start to change it’s going to be the bees that bring about the end of mankind and not some zombie apocalypse.

Some small things that you can do to help out with keeping bees from becoming extinct are: Setting up a bird bath in your yard, have a nice variety of plants in the garden,  plant wild flowers, and stop using pesticides. If you want to do more than these small steps then you can step up your own hive and become a beekeeper. Beekeepers are going to be an essential part of keeping bees on earth. Depending on the size of your beehive it can be home of upwards to 20,000 40,000 bees. Imagine if 100 people were to set up hives, thats 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 more bees potentially. Plus you can get a fair amount of benefits from having a hive like bees wax and honey. You can also make things like soap, candles, and even mead.



3 thoughts on “Bees

  1. I completely agree with the domino effect that loosing bees will cause and I too, have become increasingly concerned about the growing problem but I don’t think that it will be the end of mankind. I think that humans are intelligent and natural problem solvers and I believe we have already solved much harder problems like cures and vaccines for many diseases. I think that even though loosing the bees will be a huge loss, life will find a way, even if that means humans artificially pollinating plants and flowers or nature will create another source by means of another animal or insect that will take over that role. I think that its like the common cold, there is no cure for the common cold not because its a complex virus but because it is constantly changing and evolving, there are I believe billions of strands of the virus. Therefore as soon as they create a vaccine for one strand theres another one that comes along. Also I don’t understand how setting up a bird bath in your yard would help keep bees from becoming extinct? I understand the rest of the suggestions, just not that one. Also, what is mead? I have never heard of it.

  2. It’s unfortunate that is has taken us this long to realise how important bees are. How ironic would it be if our demise was ultimately brought on by the disappearance of such a small insect. It just goes to show how vital a balanced ecosystem is.

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