Ethnic food

Being born and raised in an island of Mediterranean, the cultural diversity of my food was quite limited and basically my typical diet would mostly include Mediterranean food.  This kind of diet includes different kind of local and fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, potatoes, beans, delicious cheese and yogurt, red meat, a lot of fish and poultry, nice wine and much more. In a way, I always had a some kind of a routine based on what I was eating each day.

I found out that studies have shown that people in Mediterranean tend to have less hart diseases, incidence of cancer etc mostly because of Mediterranean diet. After moving to the States, I realized that most of the people don’t maintain one specific diet but instead they are mixing diets from different cultures. I am seeing so many different restaurants with a huge variety of ethnic food, from German to Chinese dishes and from Indian to Caribbean dishes. So, I was wondering if doing that could cause any diseases or any other problems on the environment.

I believe the main reason of why is that happening is the growth of food industry. People would always want to try out something new, something more exotic and basically something that is unusual to them. By doing that though, I believe that it would automatically create some negative effects on the environment as we are introducing new crops to a foreign environment.

So, I believe it would be best for the environment and for our health, if different countries would be able to maintain local farming. That’s not only going to help to improve our health (as we limit our diet by not mixing different ethnic dishes) and our environment, but it would also help to improve the economy as importing foreign dishes cost more.

Andreas Rossides

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9 thoughts on “Ethnic food

  1. My stomach started growling while looking at that picture. I think it’s kind of nice having a variety of foods in restaurants. It gives you a great variety on what you want to eat.

  2. That sounds amazing! Which island exactly are you from? I had a similar healthy and local diet when I was growing up also. It’s definitely important to support local farmers.
    -Dalva Dayton

  3. I feel like its not all the different foods thats giving you the disease. I feel like it’s people who are not watching themselves on what they eat. Like maybe some just only eats fried foods, I don’t think that’s healthy at all. I feel like everything in moderation is good and bad for you. Like for example deodorant can give you breast cancer, because it clogs up the pores and keeps the sweat on. But we all still use it.

  4. Authentic ethnic food do call for ingredients that you would not normally obtain here in the States, but it isn’t what makes for unhealthy diets necessarily. It’s just that in the States corporations found that super sweet drinks and super salty foods are what sells to the fast-food crowd that doesn’t have time to make food for themselves. To match this unhealthy palate, most “ethnic” cuisines load up on fat and salt to appeal to the American taste buds – the Chinese restaurant in the strip mall is probably not a very good example of authentic ethnic cuisine with its super oily and salty “brown sauce” foods.

    -Jane Kim

  5. Your post made me so hungry. I’m a first-generation American in my family, so my father’s side still lives in the Mediterranean and every time we go visit them I am always so amazed at the huge variety of GOOD FOOD that they have over there. Not saying that there is no good food in the Americas, but the whole feeling is entirely different.

  6. There are a lot of super foods that are imported into the states. We simply can’t maintain these crops in the USA. They are still super healthy for you. Obviously Buying local produce is good for the economy and it is the freshest food you can find. So I can both sides of the debate.

  7. Yeah, I was born in Ukraine and raised on a traditional Eastern European diet. There’s a lot of food in there that would probably seem strange to a westerner. Borsch is pretty great and I suppose that caviar is an acquired taste, but I personally like to eat it when I find it.

  8. Thats really envious of the natural healthier selection of food through out the world. America puts too many preventives and chemicals in their food. They say that an Americans body actually takes longer to decompose then an Europeans and the rest of the world due to the food that we eat.

  9. It is weird how America has everything, but it’s not surprising. The USA is a melting pot of cultures and races, and food too. I think it’s nice to have a variety of different things to try, although it does create a larger impact on the Earth.

    Mitchell Englander

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