The Lorax and biodiversity

The movie “The Lorax”, based on a book by Dr Seuss of the same title, has a positive underlying message, that is we should be considerate of the resources that we are taking from our environment.

Based on this core message, there are many lessons that we can take from the movie – When we use natural resources, we need to be aware of how it can affect the local wildlife, as these creatures depend on what we are taking from them to survive. Very often, once a natural resource is depleted, the damage caused is often hard to reverse, and it takes a long time to recover, like a wound. If we need to use what mother nature has to offer, we should do so in a way that will allow nature to replenish itself – thus the term sustainable. This way, both the environment and the life of society can enjoy long-term benefits.

“Unless” – the words left behind by the Lorax, tell us that unless someone cares enough to change the situation, nothing is going to change. If we know of an environmental issue, and spread the words to others of how we can help, people that did not know of the issue may start to care, and even though change starts on a small scale, it has the potential to have a greater impact when more people become educated and the mindsets of people change for the benefit of our surroundings. Who would want to leave a sad wasteland for their children?

While looking for images such as the one above, I came across another site that gives a much better explanation of the movie:

(Personally, I enjoyed the movie as it was full of breath-taking visuals and the animation was fun to watch.

Unfortunately, many of my friends did not enjoy the story-telling as much due to the excessive use of pop-music and according to some, the lack of character development. I certainly agree that perhaps the movie was geared towards a much younger audience, as I heard many of the younger audiences laugh in the theater, while my friend seemed to be cringing beside me.

I cannot help but compare The Lorax to other animated films with an environmental message, such as Spirited Away, one of my favorite movies. Although the environmental issue addressed is different, it still leaves an impact on me about the effects of inconsiderate trash dumping, while telling a compelling tale of a girl that learns to be mature in character. )

Shan Wu


3 thoughts on “The Lorax and biodiversity

  1. Not sure the message was as strong as it could have been though – look at the original story – it starts off grim and gray and they need the trees. In this version everyone is singing and dancing in the beginning… /if everyone is happy and everything is okay then there is. no. conflict./ This movie was falling apart at the plot on so many levels other than its opening scenes but as someone who used to read the actual book multiple times as a child… I agree with your overall analysis of the Lorax story.
    -Hillary Galvin

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