Why Golden Retrievers Are So Awesome

My dog, Buddy napping/lazying on the stairs, he likes to act like a cat somtimes.

Watching the video filled with so many dogs last class made me remember how much I miss my golden retriever, Buddy.  Yes, I know…a golden retriever named Buddy, just like the one in the Disney series, AirBud. But that movie was exactly why I begged my parents to let my have a dog, although it wasn’t until more than a decade later that I finally got one (and by luck from a family friend) I can say that I still love my dog just as much as any child ever could.

Buddy at age 3, he's 5 now. Notice how the fur around his face has gotten lighter. It is a common phenomenon in Golden Retrievers with lighter fur.

According to Martha Stewart’s website and many other such as petvr.com, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds. I myself am guilty of having a fluffy tail at home and I can’t deny the fact that they are really not just a great pet but also a great family member. However, while Golden Retrievers are popular, their close relative, the Labrador Retrievers are also very popular. So what makes them both such popular and special breeds?

He also likes to race me to the couch and steal my seat. Notice the curly fur on his thigh/butt, this is a characteristic that you won't find in Labrador Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers tends to like to spend all their time with people and likes a lot of attention. I can testify this based on the number of times my dog would clack over next to me in front of the TV just to lie down next to me. Labradors on the other hand are more independent and are even more curious about everything than Goldies. This makes the Labradors more of an explorer than a companion and thus also

I miss my Buddy, and you would too if you ever decide to have a loyal and furry friend.

makes them more prone to like swimming than Goldies. While both Golden Retrievers and Labradors are considered big dogs, Labradors are actually buffer, stronger and broader than Retrievers. One will be able to notice that when Labradors jump into the water, they don’t suddenly shrink like Golden Retrievers do. For this, I can say was a fact that I never noticed until I helped my dad wash my dog, Buddy. This is also because of the fact that Golden Retrievers are hidden under their longer and bushier coats compared to the shorter and straighter hair of Labradors.

So, I made my choice of having a buddy that would like to spend time with me, instead of a boisterous jumping ball of fluff that likes to wonder off on its own (see the pun I did there?). If you had a choice which would you choose? The Golden Retrievers or the Labrador Retrievers?

Tiffany Chou


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